Sunday, November 24, 2013

Folk Art by Penny: Rufus the debonaire cat

Folk Art by Penny: Rufus the debonaire cat

This vintage lampshade was made by me.  I also upholstered the chair.  The tufting seems a little askew but I was just learning.  The lampshade has cut velvet, 7" hand dyed fringe and beading.

                         Paper rose arrangement made with the help of my Cricut cutting machine.

My Father-in-law Clarence Scoggan as a child. Cute!

                          Father-in-law Clarence at age 92 or 93.  Still pretty cute.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Penny on the left- Pam on the right.....
 Autumn Marie

Allie the Angel
My Dad  ~Frank Grotz~
Great Grandpa Clarence with Devon and Amber
Mom~Anna Scwindaman Grotz and her parents William and Gertrude Schwindaman and Grandparents Michael and Mary Schmidt.
My Favorite Dancer and the "Wild Man of Borneo"!

 "It's not easy being beautiful"

A good Life

I titled this picture of my Great Grandmother "A Good Life".  Though I doubt if it was a very easy life.